1. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard, click Forms, and then New Form.
  2. Edit the form’s properties by clicking the Edit button that appears when you hover over the Untitled Form‘s description.
  3. In the Form Properties dialogue box, you can set the form’s title and description. Make sure that the title is somewhat descriptive, as this is what you will use to locate your form to view submissions or to make edits. For instance, we used “My-List Mailing List Subscription Management”, where “My-List” should be the name of your Majordomo list.
  4. Click the Advanced tab to view some additional options that control how your form will appear to your visitors.
  5. Click the Confirmation tab to choose what you want to happen after visitors submit the form. You have three options:
    • Text – Display a short bit of text saying thank you, for example. In the screenshot below, we edited the text after we completed creating the form so we could insert form fields such as whether they checked subscribe or unsubscribe.
    • Page – Choose an existing page on your site that the submitter will be brought to once they click the “Submit” button.
    • Redirect – Input any URL that you want to be loaded once the visitor clicks the “Submit” button.


  6. The Add Fields metabox lets you browse the types of fields available. Click on the field type you would like to add it.
  7. The new field will appear in the Form Editor. For a Majordomo subscription form, you’ll need to add two fields:
    • Click Email from the Advanced Fields section and check the box to require that field:


  8. Next, you’ll want to click Multiple Choice from the Standard Fields section to add radio buttons for the user to select whether they would like to subscribe or unsubscribe from your Majordomo list.
  9. Click the subtract button to remove the third option.
  10. Edit the options with “subscribe” and “unsubscribe” as below and check the box to require the field:
  11. In order for the Gravity Form to email the correct commands to majordomo@bu.edu, click on the Notifications tab at the top of the form creator:
    • Send To Email radio button should be “Email”.
    • Enter majordomo@bu.edu as the Send To Email Text box.
    • For the From Email, select Email from the pull-down menu. This will make the email sending the command be the email address entered on the form.
    • For the Subject and Message, you’ll need to use the Insert form field drop-down menus to add fields that write the Majordomo command, such as “subscribe mylist somebody@bu.edu”:
      • For instance, in this case, {Manage Your Subscription:2} will either be “subscribe” or “unsubscribe” depending on what radio button the user selected.
      • Where this list uses “my-list” you’ll want to replace with the name of your Majordomo list.
      • Finally, insert the form field for the user’s Email.


  12. Save your form and settings.
  13. Add New Page (or edit an existing Page) to put your Gravity Form on.
  14. Enter your page title, for ours we used “My-List Mailing List Subscription
  15. Click on the form square box next to the Upload/Insert at the top of the page editor.
  16. Select the form you created from the list of Gravity Forms. Since your page might have the same title already, you can uncheck the Display form title when you insert the Gravity Form on the page (unless you want to put the form on an existing page or use a different title than the page):
  17. The WordPress editor will now display the appropriate shortcode for your form. It will not fully display unless viewing the page as a preview or as a normal visitor.
  18. Now you can edit the Permalink URL, Preview, and Publish your form. You can test the form by subscribing or unsubscribing to your majordomo list. You should receive the automated confirmation response from majordomo.