Step-by-Step Instructions to Embed Public Instagram Post onto your WordPress Site

The Instagram embed code is not accessible to copy on mobile devices so you must use a desktop computer or laptop to follow these instructions. You may embed an Instagram photo or video post on a WordPress page or a BU Text Widget sidebar. Instagram does not provide native support for embedding Instagram live feeds onto external sites. These instructions are for embedding an Instagram post.

  1. Using a computer, navigate to the specific Instagram post’s URL on
  2. In the right-top corner while viewing the post, click on the three dots next to the username. Then click the Embed option.
  3. Click the Copy Embed Code button.
  4. Go to your BU WordPress Site Admin to edit the Page or the BU Text Widget where you want the Instagram post to appear.
  5. When using the content editor, select the Text tab on the top right corner so you can paste code, do not use the Visual tab for code. Paste the entire block embed code into the Text tab of the content editor.
  6. You may preview the page or widget to ensure the Instagram post is displaying before saving. If appears correctly, Publish your page or Save the widget.
  7. To periodically update with a different Instagram post, simply generate the embed code from the new Instagram post and replace the previous embed code on your WordPress site.