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  • Artistic Inspiration

    This sculpture on the lawn at the "BU Beach" is one of many eye-catching pieces of art you'll see around campus.

  • Marsh Chapel

    Marsh Chapel is physically located near the center of the Charles River Campus, and also serves as the University's spiritual center as well.

  • Classrooms

    BU classrooms bring together a diverse group of students from all over the world who are getting a world-class education.

  • Flag

    The BU flag - denoting the motto of Learning, Virtue, Piety - flies over Marsh Plaza.

  • Commencement

    A packed house at Nickerson Field celebrates the commencement of another class of BU graduates.

  • The Charles River

    The Law School tower features prominently in this beautiful photo of the Charles River near dusk.

  • Climbing the Wall

    BU's Fitness and Recreation Center features an indoor climbing wall, for both teaching and recreation.


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