• BU Landing Pages is available for sites using the BU Responsive Framework 2.x theme or custom themes based on Responsive 2.x.

Along with adding a News Space Title (the title of the News Space) and News Space Copy (the description or intro copy to the news space), you can display up to eight news posts from your site on your landing pages. You can do so by choosing a News Display Type in the News section on the back end:

The Latest news display type shows the eight latest news posts from the categories that you have chosen to display from the list of categories show. This option will only show if the Latest news display type is selected:

The Hand-Curated news display type shows eight news posts that you have handpicked to show on that particular page with the options below the news display types. These options will only show if the Hand-Curated news display type is selected. You can filter through and select available posts on the left, and the ones selected will then appear on the right: