BU WordPress and the Responsive Framework theme provide a content management system and framework that complies with accessibility guidelines, but everyone publishing content must be aware of accessibility concerns and learn how to maintain an accessible site. The content you add must remain accessible.

Please review Website Policy and the University’s Minimum Web Accessibility Standards.

Accessibility is BU policy.

Web editors using BU WordPress have a link in the editor on every page to run an accessibility evaluation. This submits the page to WAVE: Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool and provides a report for that page.

This tool can only check accessibility requirements that can be verified in an automated fashion.

  • For example, it can alert if an ALT attribute is not entered for an image, but it cannot ensure that ALT attributes are truly descriptive and relevant.
  • Also for example, the tool cannot ensure that you are using actionable words for your links and not using context-less phrases like “click here.”

Automated tools cannot test everything — it remains the responsibility of all BU web editors to be familiar with web accessibility basics and to use them consistently when you add and maintain web content.

These 10 essential tips will help you maintain an accessible website.

Web Resources

The web has a wealth of accessibility resources available. Here are a few of the best: