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Available to: Departments

Cost: $385 annual license fee. Additional cost may be incurred for AV systems design and consulting. See Cost, below.

Zoom Rooms provides an integrated platform for hybrid meetings, pairing Zoom’s full video and audio conferencing capabilities with wired and wireless content sharing in a conference or other physical space.


Zoom Rooms brings a streamlined meeting experience to your conference rooms or other spaces. Using a touch screen controller, you can start and invite participants to the meeting with a single tap. Zoom Rooms can also integrate with your existing Outlook room calendars and allow your team to instantly book the room or join scheduled meetings. Microsoft Teams interoperability allows you to connect to Teams meetings without the need to connect additional cables to your devices.

Key Features

  • Supports all security and functional features of traditional Zoom Meetings
  • Integrate with your existing Outlook room calendar
  • Share content from personal laptops over wireless or wired connections
  • Configure multiple displays for use with active speaker, gallery, and shared content views
  • Connect to touch screens and share a virtual whiteboard
  • Provide multiple camera angles to your participants, including document cameras

What to Expect

Zoom Rooms are based on a cloud hosted meetings solution, for which Zoom promises 99.9% uptime. See the Zoom Status portal for current service status and past incidents.


  • Zoom Rooms require specific hardware installations that contain each of the following. For full system requirements and guidelines, please see Zoom’s support article.
    • Microphone and camera
    • Dedicated Mac or PC (or a Zoom Rooms Appliance all-in-one solution)
    • Touch screen controller, such as an iPad
    • At least one display
  • Zoom Rooms Controllers should connect to the Internet with a wired connection wherever possible.
  • Wireless content sharing requires the Zoom Client for Meetings to be installed on your computer or mobile device. Detailed requirements can be found on Zoom’s System Requirements page.
    • Pairing with a Zoom Room requires Zoom 5.7.0 or higher for full functionality.
  • Calendar integration requires a dedicated Office 365 room resource calendar.
  • Microsoft Teams interoperability requires a Mac or PC Zoom Rooms computer. Support for Zoom Rooms Appliances is still in development.


Zoom Room licenses must be purchased and renewed annually for $340 per room. Additional costs may be incurred for any AV systems design and consulting services.

The cost of the license will be prorated at the time of request and is payable via Internal Service Request to IS&T – Systems Operations. To request a license, please complete this form for each room.

Getting Started