Browser Recommendations

For maintaining stability and security with BUworks, the following browsers are recommended (please check compatibility with other applications you use):

  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Firefox ESR * Latest Extended Support Release
  • Safari and Microsoft Edge may work for your BUworks tasks but are not currently part of BUworks testing protocols.

    System Recommendations

    The recommended system configurations for use with BUworks are:

    • Windows 7 through 10
    • Mac OS X 10.10 through OS X 10.13

    Please note that faculty and staff are eligible to run the most current and complete version of Windows on BU-owned machines, as outlined by the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. Windows is not available for personally-owned machines. Mac OS X is available through Sourcing.


    1. Make sure you have reviewed the Browser and System Requirements outlined above.
    2. If you use Microsoft Edge, check the version of Java on your computer and update if necessary. Note: Firefox and Chrome no longer use Java in conjunction with SAP.
      1. Visit the Java test page.
      2. A box should appear saying, “Your Java is working.” If it does not, please use the Get Help icon at the top of this page to submit a request for assistance.
      3. Check the line titled Version. Your computer should be configured with the latest version (Java SE 8 Update 161 as of this writing). If you do not have this version or higher of Java installed, please click the Get Help icon at the top of this page.
    3. Configure your Pop-up Blocker Settings as described below.
    4. If and ONLY IF you are using a Mac, make sure to update your Adobe Flash Player to the most recent version.

    Pop-up Blocker Settings

    BUworks requires adjustments to your pop-up blocker settings.