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Available to: Students, Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Alumni, New/Incoming Students, Guests

Cost: No charge

The Fitness and Recreation Center and the Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance departments are supported by a suite of services — some designed for use by clients, others for administrative use. These services facilitate membership self-enrollment for affiliates and their families, class selection, billing, etc.

Administrative and client functions are supported by Vermont Systems, Inc. VSI’s Recreation Management Software provides a full range of capabilities for campus recreation.

Rectrac is the portal that provides administrative functions for business personnel to manage membership/class registrations, court/facility reservations, incident processing, and the capability to manage turnstiles/doors. Rectrac also provides extensive financial and statistical reporting with over 600 standard reports.

Webtrac is the portal that provides customers with real time internet access for self-service inquiries, which include class registrations, self-service membership enrollment, and membership renewal.

For FitRec/PERD, these functions cover the areas of membership, class registration, billing, etc.


Self-service for clients of FitRec and PERD reduces administrative overhead and allows clients to maintain their membership choices and status. The administrative interfaces enable the business to process transactions efficiently and accurately.

Key Features

  • Self-service for clients using the Fitness and Recreation Center in terms of membership, class selection etc.
  • Web-based administrative suite of applications


Requirements for self-service are defined by the Fitness and Recreation Center

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