Access to the back-end of the ServiceNow application is typically granted to members of the BU IS&T organization and IT partners throughout the University.  Access requires that a ServiceNow “ITIL” license be issued and there is a cost associated with these licenses of which BU owns a limited number. Access to Project Management functions requires an additional license beyond that as well. Anyone with  access to the ServiceNow application must take ServiceNow training and receive instruction from their manager for how their group utilizes ServiceNow.

Members of the BU Community entering tickets and requests for assistance do not need access to the back end of ServiceNow, instead they should utilize the MyTechWeb portal.  Please note that anyone added to the public watch list on an Incident / Service Request ticket will be able to see that ticket and add communications activity to it via the portal under “Tickets I am Watching” on the portal home screen.

To request access to the ServiceNow application, change existing ServiceNow access, or revoke ServiceNow access for IS&T and IT Partner staff members and student workers, please use the new forms on the portal instead of sending a ticket to IT Help.  There is documentation about each of these forms under sub-pages on the menu to the left. These forms are only visible to people who already have ServiceNow ITIL licenses assigned to them, so a new employee’s manager should complete the grant access form.

ServiceNow group managers will be required to approve the addition of new members of their groups and will be notified about removals.

ServiceNow Group Managers may also modify some aspects of their assignment groups using the “Update a ServiceNow Group” request form.  New assignment groups cannot be created using these forms. To create or retire a group, please send a ticket to the Process Applications group in ServiceNow and we will send you a questionnaire to complete.

For more detailed information on how to use the request, change, and revoke access to ServiceNow forms and for how managers can approve requests, see the text at the top of each of the forms and also reference these TechWeb pages:

If the staff member needs access to a Project or Agile Group, ask the Project Manager or Scrum Master to add them to the appropriate Project Group (on a tab of the project) or Agile Group (search for Groups on the left navigation under Agile Development in ServiceNow.) Membership in those type of groups cannot be granted through these form.

NOTE: If you are looking to add, change, or revoke access to CSM related groups, please continue to send tickets to the Process Applications group by ServiceNow.  These request items will not work for CSM groups.  Currently CSM is only used by the Financial Affairs area.