Installing the UserAdm kit involves three steps:

1. Downloading UserAdm onto your system
2. Confirm that you have a valid Kerberos srv-tab file
3. Completing local system changes to support the UserAdm toolkit

The steps are described in detail below.

If the UserAdm toolkit is already installed on your system, and you are simply upgrading the level of UserAdm on your system, you may stop after steps I and II; your local customizations will not be affected by installing version 2.4 of the UserAdm kit.

New installations of UserAdm require completion of steps 1, 2, and 3.

1. Downloading UserAdm onto your system
The UserAdm kit has been compiled and pre-packaged for all major computer achitectures and placed on the application server.

Obtaining UserAdm from the Application Server

1. cd to the package directory: cd /usr/local/IT/useradm-2.4

2. From inside the UserAdm package directory, run the pkg.install script. You must specify a destination; we recommend /usr/local (which will place the UserAdm tools into /usr/local/uid):
./pkg.install /usr/local

(The directory name on your system may not be identical. If the version number of the useradm package has changed, the directory name will change accordingly.)