On this page you will find information about professors who will consider hosting a SURF student during the summer of 2022.

Mentor Name Department Primary research areas of interest
Bradham, Cynthia CAS – Biology Molecular Biology; Developmental Biology; Sea Urchin
Buston, Peter CAS – Biology Epigenetic effects on fish larval dispersal traits
Cifuentes, Daniel MED-Biochemistry Animal Development
Celenza, John CAS – Biology Plant Molecular Biology; Genetics and Biochemistry
Cruz-Martin, Alberto CAS – Biology Neurobiology; Schizophrenia; Confocal Protein Imaging
Fizsbein, Ana CAS – Biology Molecular Biology, Splicing and Transcription
Frydman, Horacio CAS – Biology Drosophila; Molecular Biology; Infectious Disease
Fuxman Bass, Juan CAS – Biology Regulation of Gene Expression
Gilmore, Thomas CAS – Biology Cancer Biology; Molecular Biology; Evolutionary Biology
Ho, Angela CAS – Biology Alzheimer’s Disease; Transgenic Mouse Models
McCall, Kim CAS – Biology Cell Biology and Mechanisms of Cell Death
Mullen, Sean CAS – Biology Evolutionary Genetics; Population Genomics; Adaptation & Speciation
Naya, Frank CAS – Biology Cardiac Development & Disease; Mouse Development; Gene Regulation
Man, Hengye CAS – Biology Cell & Molecular Biology; Synaptic Plasticity
Rotjan, Randi CAS – Biology Marine Ecology
Segre, Daniel CAS/ENG – Bioinformatics Bioinformatics
Siggers, Trevor CAS – Biology DNA Binding and Gene Regulation by Transcription Factors
Bhatnagar, Jennifer CAS – Biology
Microbial Ecology; Biogeochemistry;
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Fungi
Davies, Sarah CAS – Biology Coral bleaching and symbiosis, gene expression analysis
Traniello, James CAS – Biology Evolution and genomics of behavior in an ant model
Wunderlich, Zeba CAS – Biology Molecular Systems Biology, Drosophila Transcription