Summer 2008 SURF Students

Kenny Alexis РNorth Shore Community College  (Professor Jacqueline Leiderman, Department of Psychology)
Lindsay Cade – Rochester Institute of Technology (Professor William Eldred, Department of Psychology)
Luz Ceballos – Boston University (Professor Kim McCall, Department of Biology)
Natasha Fourquet – University of Rhode Island (Professor Howard Eichenbaum, Department of Psychology)
Roberto Zamora – University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras (Professor Howard Eichenbaum, Department of Psychology)
Carolyn Garcia – Boston University (Professor Howard Eichenbaum, Department of Psychology)
Tatianna Henderson – Lincoln University (Professor John Celenza, Department of Biology)
Nastassja Marshall – Duke University (Professor Catherine Caldwell-Harris, Department of Psychology)
Rachel Moore – University of Michigan (Professor Shinn-Cunningham, Department of Psychology)
Manuel Portalatin Р Boston University (Professor Ayako Yamaguchi, Department of Biology)
Joshua Rollins – University of North Texas (Professor Alice Cronin-Golomb, Department of Psychology)
Ophelia Wadsworth – University of the Virgin Islands (Professor John Porco, Department of Chemistry)
Nathan Waldron – University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth (Professor Frank Naya, Department of Biology)
Rosimar Zaragoza – University of Puerto RIco (Professor Thomas Gilmore, Department of Biology)