Student Loan Resources

Here are some of our most-requested resources.

Notice of Servicing Transfer for Boston University and Federal Perkins Loan Borrowers

The servicing of your student loan(s) is being transferred from Campus Partners to Heartland ECSI effective March 1, 2018. This means that going forward, Heartland ECSI will be sending your statements and collecting your student loan payments. There will be no changes in the terms and/or conditions of your student loan(s).

Please review the following documents to address your questions:

Heartland ECSI Borrower Transfer Notice

FAQ – Loan Servicing Transfer

Important Dates

Get the latest dates for tax form mailings and Exit Interviews.

Individual Forms

Download forms for deferment, cancellation, direct draft, and affidavit of disability.

Exit Interviews

What you need to know before your Exit Interview, including links to important forms and dates.

Federal Loan Facts

A guide to determining your deferment eligibility, as well as fact sheets from the U.S. Department of Education.

Financial Literacy/Creating a Budget

Valuable information on maintaining your personal finances.

Financial Literacy 101

Please click here to view the slides from our presentations.

Useful Links

Websites with lots of student loan-related resources.

Smartphone Apps

Please see our page regarding mobile device apps that may help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts answer your questions on student loans.

Pay Off Your Loan

Find out how to pay off your loan now.

Update Your Loan Details

Make payments or update your profile at the Campus Partners website.