Your Student Account

To complete official registration at Boston University, you must select courses and then settle your Student Account by the payment deadline each semester.  Your student account is considered settled when your account balance is paid or resolved by approved loans or financial assistance.  Once you complete settlement of your Student Account, you will be considered officially registered and will be entitled to the use of University services.

For individualized and up-to-date information regarding your Student Account, please visit the MyBU portal.

The “ShareLink Access” feature allows students to grant Web/Internet access to parents, legal guardian, or other third parties to view information and make payments on their student account. Access to records is granted at the student’s discretion. To take advantage of the ShareLink option, students may log on to the MyBU portal and select “My Bill & Aid,” then “ShareLink Access.”

If you are a ShareLink viewer, you may log on to ShareLink at

Settlement of your Student Account can be completed in many ways, including direct payment, University-offered payment plans, University aid, federal and private loans, outside awards, and agency sponsorship. Please use this section of our site to understand your invoice and how to complete settlement.

Additional information on managing the cost of your education can be found on the Financial Assistance website.