Outside Agency Sponsorship

You may request that all or part of your tuition be billed to a sponsor, government, or company (i.e., an employer). If your sponsorship meets the requirements below, please email a copy of your billing authorization and/or sponsorship letter to studenta@bu.edu for review prior to the payment deadline. If your sponsorship billing is accepted, it will be applied to your student account as a pending item (Third Party Sponsorship) and your sponsor will be invoiced after the semester course adjustment date has passed.

Sponsorship billing requirements:

  • Sponsorship must not be contingent on grades or course completion
  • Sponsor billing notification must be provided on company letterhead, and include the following:
    • an authorized signature (not that of the student)
    • dates of sponsorship (i.e., Sept. 1, 2023, through Aug. 31, 2024)
    • items which will be paid (i.e., Tuition and Fees)
    • state that Boston University must directly invoice the sponsoring agency and include a billing address and direct contact; email preferred
  • The sponsoring agency must be able to receive the invoice by email or paper. Special invoicing requirements, such as vendor registration, may not be supported.

After sending your sponsorship letter, you must make payment of any remaining balance not covered by the agency before the payment deadline.  Invoices will be sent to the sponsoring agencies after the last day to drop standard courses (without a “W’ grade) for that semester.
It is not assumed that you will have continuous coverage from an agency. A new authorization is required for every semester.
Outside agency sponsorship cannot be contingent on grades. Please retain a copy of your sponsorship letter, as you may be held responsible for tuition and any fees if the authorization has expired or is invalid for any reason.