Masters-level studies in statistics can substantially widen the range of possible job opportunities for graduates, in everything from business, to government, to industry. For students whose performance is sufficiently strong at the BA level, and who get started early enough in their program of study, it is often possible to earn both BA and MA degrees in four years.

Requirements for a BA/MA in Mathematics (Statistics Track)

Statistics students interested in the BA/MA program apply to the BA/MA program in mathematics and indicate that they elect to pursue the statistics option (i.e., rather than the ‘mathematics’ option).  The objective of the program in statistics is to train general statistical practitioners capable of making immediate contributions in industry, the medical sciences, government, or private educational and research institutions.

In order to apply to the BA/MA program, students must have completed at least one mathematics or statistics course at the 400 level or above. The application should be submitted no earlier than the fourth semester and no later than the sixth semester of their studies. Please consult this information about applying to the BA/MA program, which includes all relevant forms and deadlines. In particular, the application must include:

  1. A completed study plan, available at the above link, signed by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.
  2. Two letters of recommendation from faculty; see the above link for the faculty recommendation forms.
  3. An unofficial transcript.
  4. The completed online application form, available at the above link.

Students applying to the BA/MA program must have a minimum GPA of 3.0. In order to successfully complete the BA/MA program students must meet the following requirements:

  • The BA/MA program requires that students complete the CAS BA requirements (e.g., the HUB and the requirements of the mathematics major), as well as 8 additional courses at the 500 level or above for the MA which do not overlap with the courses used in completing the major requirements.  The total number of credits required for the BA and MA degree is 144 (or 36 four credit courses). Note that completing a BA and MA separately requires 160 credits.  Although some students are able to complete this BA/MA program in four years, many students do so in five years.
  • Students must pass the comprehensive exam (in either Mathematics or Statistics, depending on the track) at the MA level.
  • Courses taken for the MA portion of the BA/MA program must be passed with a grade of B- or above.

Further remarks:

  • It is possible to complete the BA and MA portions in different tracks within the major. For instance, a student may complete the BA portion in Applied Mathematics and the MA portion in Statistics.
  • The BA/MA program is generally not available for joint majors. An exception is the BA/MA Program in Economics and Mathematics, where the MA portion of the degree is in Economics.

Copies of some old qualifying exams are available here.

If you think you might be interested in pursuing a BA/MA option in statistics, please contact by email the Director of the Program in Statistics,  Prof. Konstantinos Spiliopoulos.