Scheduled and Offered Courses

The university registrar maintains the official course schedules. Information can be found through the Office of the Registrar and the Boston University Bulletin.

  • Undergraduate Courses

    • course listing for all undergraduate courses in probability and statistics
  • Graduate Courses

    • course listing for all graduate courses in probability and statistics

Boston University’s Bulletin is a handbook of academic programs, courses, and policies that serves as a University-wide reference and archive. As the document of authority for all BU students, the Bulletin is a guide for criteria leading to successful program completion. As such, requirements listed here supersede information found elsewhere.

The BU Registrar and Provost maintain the Bulletin with yearly curricular revisions, although all information in the site is subject to update at any time and without prior notice. Students should check the archive for specific program requirements for their matriculation year.

The Bulletin includes:

  • Descriptions and criteria for degree and non-degree programs offered in each of BU’s schools and colleges
  • Department information
  • Courses offered each year
  • Student resources and groups or associations related to specific programs, as applicable
  • University-wide policies and their school-specific counterparts (when distinct from University criteria)
  • An archive of programs, departments, and courses from previous years