Students wishing to study statistics at the BA level at Boston University may do so by pursuing a major in mathematics, with specialty in statistics, see here.  The requirements for this program of study are detailed below.  For students interested instead in pursuing the specialty in pure and applied mathematics, details may be found here.

Requirements for a Major in Mathematics, with Specialty in Statistics

Lower Division Courses

  • Calculus: CAS MA 123 and 124, or 127, or 129, or equivalent;
  • Multivariate Calculus: CAS MA 225 or 230;
  • Linear Algebra: CAS MA 242 or 442;
  • Introduction to Probability and Statistics: CAS MA 213, 214;
  • Introduction to Computer Science: CAS CS 111.

Upper Division Courses

  • CAS MA 416 Analysis of Variance
  • CAS MA 575 Linear Models
  • Two of the following three courses:
    • CAS MA 581 Probability
    • CAS MA 582 Mathematical Statistics
    • CAS MA 583 Introduction to Stochastic Processes
  • Four additional CAS mathematics courses are required:
    • two at the 200 level or above,
    • two chosen from among MA 500–599 and MA 684.

Timeline for Specialty in Statistics

Stat Major Graph


  1. MA581 should be taken junior year or, at the latest, summer of senior year.
  2. Electives should be chosen in conjunction with a Statistics advisor.
  3. With AP credit, good grades, and an early start, a 4-year BA/MA program is often feasible.  If interested, please speak with a Statistics advisor.
  4. For all other degree requirements (e.g., Divisional Studies, Core, etc.), please be sure to see a CAS advisor.