Minor Studies

The ability to carry out or assess statistical analyses is critical to an increasingly greater and greater number of other fields, ranging from psychology and sociology, to business and economics, to biology. Students wishing to obtain a solid background in statistics to complement their major field of study may wish to consider pursuing a minor concentration in this area. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers two options for minors of this nature, differing primarily in their balance of mathematical and methodological courses.

Minor Concentration Programs

Students must earn a minimum grade of C in courses taken toward a minor concentration. All minor concentrators develop their programs in consultation with an advisor.

Mathematical Statistics (1702) The prerequisite for the minor concentration is CAS MA 123 and 124, or 127 or 129 or equivalent. Principal courses required are CAS MA 213, 214, 225 or 230, and two chosen from 581, 582, and 583. In addition, it is strongly recommended that students take CAS CS 111 Introduction to Computer Science.

Statistical Methods (1702) Principal courses required are CAS MA 115 or 213, 116 or 214, 416, 684; one course at the CAS MA 400–600 or CS 400–600 level, and one additional MA or CS course. The two latter courses are to be selected with the written approval of a statistics advisor.