For Language Cluster Leaders: Application due April 1

Global House is seeking Cluster Leaders for Chinese and Korean. Learn more about this position here.


For NEW STUDENTS:  Global House Applications

Deadline for Academic Year 2019-2020: Feb. 7, 2019. Applications received after this date will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


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GLOBAL HOUSE at Myles Standish Hall

The Global House Living-Learning Community welcomes students who are passionate about languages and cultures.  Through this co-curricular experience, Global House residents explore together what it means to be globally diverse and build on the University’s effort “to continue to foster the engagement of Boston University in the city and the world.”  In the true spirit of a Living-Learning community, learning will extend to all aspects of the Global House experience. Students help shape the mission and learning outcomes that guide the community through weekly Language Cluster Meetings, regular participation in the required Intercultural Discussion Series, hosting cultural activities, and more.

Students are also expected to adhere to the Global House Language Pledge.

Starting in Fall 2019, Global House will be classified as a co-curricular experience under the HUB. This means that students who successfully complete 2 semesters is Global House will earn one HUB unit instead of credit. Students may choose to earn a unit in either Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy OR in Individual in Community. Students may only earn a HUB unit in ONE of these areas through Global House.

Rising sophomores, juniors and seniors who are proficient in one of the following languages at the second-semester level (112) or above are invited to apply for the 2019-2020 school year.  Ten Language Clusters are currently available: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Read more about the Global House in BU Today.

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Where is Global House?

Located in newly renovated Myles Standish Hall at 610 Beacon St., Global House residents will reside in 4-8 person suites (with both doubles and singles) on the 4th floor. Students will also have access to a specially designated Global House Lounge, suitable for many different kinds of activities from casual movie-watching to more formal class discussions to fun cultural events. Other amenities in Myles Standish Hall include a state of the art kitchen and multi-purpose room, study areas, laundry, and bike storage.

Who can apply to live in Global House? 

Rising sophomores, juniors, or seniors who are proficient in a language at the second-semester level (112) or above are invited to apply.  Advanced language students or native speakers are also encouraged to apply.

Additionally, advanced and native speakers may apply to serve as paid Language Cluster Leaders. Students must first be accepted as a resident of Global House before they can apply to serve as a Language Cluster Leader. Hiring preference will be given to students who have already completed at least one semester in Global House.

What kinds of activities will be offered and who will oversee them?

The Global House Director and student Language Cluster Leaders will plan and coordinate Language Cluster and house-wide activities that will include weekly cluster discussions, cultural outings, films, meals, collaborative house events, and more. Students will also meet regularly in Global House for Global House Intercultural Discussions Series (starting Fall 2019). All residents of Global House are expected to help plan, implement, and participate in the cultural activities organized by their language cluster. Students are also encouraged to participate frequently in cultural activities organized by other clusters and outside of Global House.

How much time will I spend on the Global House co-curricular program?

Students should expect to spend about 3 hours per week on Global House-related activities, readings, and reflection. This is equivalent to the time spent on a 1-credit course. Global House requires two semesters of participation to earn the HUB unit.

Students will meet with their language cluster for one hour each week. Students will attend 50-minute program discussions or complete equivalent reflection work every other week. The remaining time will be spent attending community events, cultural activities, and engaging with culture outside of Global House. Students will also be asked to keep a log of cultural engagement hours, due at the midterm and end-of-term each semester.

How many people can live in the Global House?

Approximately 80 bed spaces (10-15 suites) are held for Global House participants.  The remainder of spaces in Myles Standish will be available through regular room selection. If accepted into Global House for Academic Year 2019-2020, students are expected to select 4th Floor Myles Standish during the room selection period. Living in Global House is a mandatory component of participating in the Global House program.

Are Global House spaces more expensive than regular spaces in Myles?

No.  Residents of the Global House will pay the same rate as other Myles residents.

Can I live with a preferred roommate or suitemates in the Global House?

If your preferred roommate/suitemates apply to and are accepted into the Global House you can then go through the room selection process together and place yourselves in the same room/suite within Global House. It is your responsibility to coordinate with your desired roommates.

Will everyone in my room/suite speak the same language I do?

Global House does NOT reserve specific rooms or suites for specific languages. Students wishing to create single-language rooms or suites should coordinate with other members of their language cluster and go through the Room Selection process as a roommate group. Admitted students will be put in contact with all members of their language cluster prior to the start of Room Selection.

After move-in in the fall, students may also create single-language suites by doing a direct swap with another member of Global House, as outlined on the Housing Office‘s website.


Application deadlines:

Applications for Academic Year 2019/2020 are open through Feb. 7, 2019.

Applications received after that date will be reviewed on a rolling basis, but there is no guarantee of admission for the fall.

Admission to Global House is dependent on a successful application AND an available space in Global House.


If you have further questions about the Global House, please e-mail the Global House Director, Dr. Lillie Webb, at ghdirect@bu.edu.