The Laboratory Safety Committee (LSCLaboratory Safety Committee) at BU provides guidance and administrative oversight of environmental health and safety in the academic research and teaching laboratories. The LSC develops policies and guidelines to assist in addressing hazardous materials and processes in the laboratory workplace to ensure that personnel work safely.

In conjunction with EHS, the LSC publishes the quarterly newsletter Lab Safe, which is available below.


  • Annual review of the Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP)
  • Monitoring the status and implementation of the CHP
  • Review of Standard Operating Procedures for use of High Hazard Chemicals
  • Review of written safety guidelines and training programs
  • Forum for discussion of laboratory safety related incidents and issues
  • Review of safety newsletter


The Laboratory Safety Committee annually reviews and approves the Chemical Hygiene Plan, reviews the EHSEnvironmental Health & Safety High Hazard Chemical Program and Chemical Information Sheets, and reviews the Field Safety Research guidelines.
Policies and guidance from other areas of Research Compliance, including Environmental Health & Safety and the Institutional Biosafety Committee, that may be helpful include:



The Laboratory Safety Committee is comprised of faculty and staff members from various science departments and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). EHS provides technical expertise on environmental and laboratory safety. Committee representatives are appointed by the AVP for Research Compliance and serve as the departmental Chemical Hygiene Officers for their respective departments.

    Committee members are:

    Voting Members :

    • John Caradonna, M.Phil., Ph.D. (LSC Chair, Chemistry)
    • Chris Andry, M.Phil., Ph.D. (LSC Co-Chair, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine)
    • John Battaglino (Dean of Students)
    • Josh Brennan, M.F.A. (CFA)
    • Abigail Brown, MFS, MLS (ASCP) cm (Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, BMC)
    • Xin Brown, Ph.D. (Biomedical Engineering)
    • James Cherry, Ph.D. (Psychology)
    • Paul Ferrari (Chemistry)
    • Joseph Finkhouse, Ph.D. (Global Programs)
    • Susan Kandarian, Ph.D. (Health Sciences)
    • Shinichiro Kurosawa, M.D., Ph.D. (Pathology)
    • Richard Lally (Engineering Administration)
    • Yoshiyuki Mochida, D.D.S., Ph.D. (GSDM, Periodontology & Oral Biology)
    • Laertis Oikonomou, Ph.D. (Pulmonary)
    • Bjoern Reinhard, Ph.D. (Photonics/Nanobiotechnology)
    • Jennifer Schlezinger, Ph.D. (SPH, Environmental Health)
    • Kathryn Spilios, Ph.D. (Biology)
    • William Tucker, Ph.D. (Chemistry)
    • Abdul Traish, Ph.D. (Biochemistry & Urology)
    • Alice White, Ph.D. (ENG, Material Science)

    Non-Voting Members :

    • Joe Kajunski (Facilities Management)
    • David Liffers (EHS, Campus & Clinical Safety)
    • Witold Tatkowski (EHS, Medical Physics & Radiation Safety)
    • Kevin Tuohey (Office of Research Compliance)
    • Larry Vintinner (Animal Science Center)
    • Thomas Winters, M.D. (ROHPResearch Occupational Health Program ROHP is part of the ...)
    • Staff: Sonya Butler (EHS, Research Safety)
    • Staff: Cassie Williams, MPH (Safety Committees)


Lab Safe is a quarterly newsletter written and distributed by Environmental Health and Safety and the Laboratory Safety Committee. The goal of the newsletter is to share timely, relevant safety information and resources at Boston University.

Please contact us if you would like to suggest or contribute articles to Lab Safe.