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What is data? How do we gather it in a meaningful way? And how do we analyze it to make better decisions? These are the questions Vidit Munshi helps his MSMS program students answer.

In his Quantitative Methods course, most of Vidit’s students come without a quant background. Helping them master data analysis, he says, is one of the most rewarding parts of his job. A job he loves.

“Most people think data analysis is complicated, that it’s only for super-smart math majors,” says Vidit, who also has a background in economics and healthcare policy. “But actually, anyone can do it. If it’s taught right, it’s really accessible.”

Vidit didn’t set out to teach. As part of his PhD program at Harvard, he was required to. But it wasn’t long before he discovered he enjoyed it. “I liked research, but I found that I had the most fun working with students, sharing what I learned. And I discovered that the methods I was teaching—problem-solving through data—could motivate students to consider this as a career or a tool they could use to make a difference in any field.”

Non-business fields need data-driven evidence to make better decisions, too, adds Vidit. “That’s one of the reasons I like teaching in Questrom’s MSMS program.”

  • PhD, Harvard University, 2020
  • MA, Boston University, 2010
  • BA, Boston University, 2008
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