Our students are smart, bold, and authentic. They’re quick on their feet. They’re involved in the world around them and unafraid to fail. They come from all walks of life—high-school entrepreneurs, military veterans, brand ambassadors—with resumes forged on six continents. In short, they’re Questrom.

During their journeys here, we teach them the art of harnessing value—to take stock of themselves, their organizations, and communities, and ask, “How can I make these things more vibrant, more responsive, and more innovative?” They pursue those answers through concentrations ranging from accounting to law to strategy and innovation, and a raft of internships and global learning opportunities. Along with teaching functional and industry-specific skills, we explore the ethical, global, and social-responsibility considerations of managerial decisions.

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Undergraduate Questrom School of Business Admissions

Ask our undergrads where they call home and you’ll get a long list of answers. They hail from countries across the globe, from both US coasts, and from most states in between. Many come from families who have owned or managed businesses, and a large percentage land on campus with a strong entrepreneurial drive. They’re smart, articulate, and have often logged plenty of hours in community service and leadership positions. Some have already created small businesses on their own.

The number of women (50%), minorities (30%), and international students (over 30%) are among the highest for business schools in the country and demonstrate the diversity-minded philosophy that is Questrom, a valuable learning environment for the ever-expanding global economy.

We welcome all inquiries, and encourage you to visit campus. Tours are available year-round. Undergraduate admission (freshmen and transfers) for all Boston University schools and colleges is handled centrally through the University’s Admissions office.

Graduate Questrom School of Business Admissions

Our graduate students choose Questrom for a different kind of education, one that looks at organizations not as a conglomeration of separate departments, but as a unified whole. They’re seeking a dynamic, innovative experience that prepares them for the rapidly evolving and highly competitive business landscape. They’re looking to propel their careers to a new level. They believe in our mission of creating value for the world, where socially responsible and ethical behavior is an integral part of organizational decisions.

Standing out has its rewards. Admission to our management programs has been increasingly competitive. The result is that recruiters and organizations find our graduates particularly attractive. Come see for yourself.

No matter what program you’re interested in, we’re here to support you during the admissions process, and to make the experience as transparent as possible along the way. Explore our portfolio of programs and contact us with questions. We look forward to speaking with you!