TikTok Best Practices

Whether you’re new to the channel or looking to refresh your strategy, here are some tips and tricks to help get the ball rolling.

Why TikTok?

  • 60% of users are 16-24
  • Matches two of the University’s primary target audiences: Current & Prospective Students
  • #BostonUniversity has 23.4 million views. Our students have already arrived, we are just meeting them at the party

Voice and Tone:

Your account should feel like it’s “peers talking to peers” not “your department talking to its followers.” While many social media channels feature videos with a high production value feel to them, on TikTok go for the opposite by going with a raw “phone in hand” approach to give viewers a sneak peek into what life is really like at your organization. TikTok isn’t a curated highlight reel, it’s about honest storytelling. 

Where to start:

Start by brainstorming. Take a look at your editorial calendar, events, and campaigns and determine what might be a good fit. Remember to take a look at the top-performing posts on your other social channels to see if they can be reworked into TikTok videos. Once you have an idea of what you want to post, spend time on the FYP (For You Page) for inspiration. Take a look at some of the trending videos on TikTok and see if you can work your content into those themes.

Content that works best:

  • Expressive, people-focused footage
    • This includes “day-in-the-life” content, micro-vlogs, showcasing talents, and more. Try to make the video as authentic as possible. 
  • Product or service highlights
    • If you’re highlighting a product or service, try to show the result of what you’re featuring and work backward. The end result is the hook that will keep viewers watching.
  • “How to” focused content
    • TikTokers love to learn new hacks to make their lives easier. Whether it’s dorm design tips, study advice, or ways to stay organized in college. “How to” focused content thrives on the channel. 
  • Behind-the-scenes 
    • This could be showcasing a new building, a campus tour, or going behind the scenes at one of your organization’s marquee events. At colleges especially, prospective students are eager to learn what student life is like on campus. These videos can help keep your school, college, or program top of mind. 
  • Evergreen content
    • TikTok’s algorithm moves slower than other platforms. Try to make videos that can stand the test of time. Avoid making TikToks about specific events and holidays if possible. 


If you’re tapping the shoulder of a student, faculty, or staff member to create content for your channel, it’s important that the content is made natively on your channel and not downloaded from another. This prevents their handle watermark from showing up. Check out our TikTok Outreach Guide for more important tips. 

Tips for creating content:

Think like a creator when filming:

Keep the viewing experience top of mind when creating content:

  • Talk to the camera
  • Show off your unique voice
  • Map out the story beat
  • Be expressive and in the moment

Pro tip: TikTok is built for sound – always think “sound on” when creating content. 

Take advantage of photo editing apps: 

TikTok has a plethora of tools at your disposal. This includes: 

  • Video templates
  • Transitions
  • Music library
    • 150,000 songs pre-cleared for use
  • Filters

Other apps to utilize:

Many of these platforms have free versions with built-in TikTok templates.

Amplify using relevant hashtags:

Research and include relevant hashtags whenever possible. Remember to also include #FYP for optimal reach.


Once you post your video, download it and cross-promote it to your other channels to build buzz. Remember to only give a small preview of the video. This will help drive traffic to your TikTok from your other social channels.