Using Social Media for Your Own Purposes

When using social media for yourself, whether to promote your work at Boston University or for personal use, consider the privacy issues involved. Although some websites have privacy settings, you really cannot rely on such settings to guarantee that your online conduct and postings will be kept private. In general, social media tools are provided to you for free, but that is because you pay admittance with your personal information, which websites use for marketing to you. Before you post, consider that you will potentially be sharing it with an audience of millions.

If you identify yourself as a member of the Boston University community on your website or blog, please state that you are sharing your views as an individual, not as an official representative of the University. For example, include a disclaimer on your website or blog that states: “The views expressed on this [blog/website/social media platform] are mine alone” Remember that inappropriate postings may reflect poorly on the University and you as an employee, even with such a disclaimer.

Remember to follow the rules of the site you are using:

Social media websites have terms and conditions that users must follow in order to use the sites. You should read, understand, and follow these rules. Also remember that University policies, such as the Acceptable Use of Computing Services Policy, apply to your use of social media as an employee. Employees should be mindful of these generally applicable policies when using social media.