External and International Activity Report (EIAR)

Please review the Faculty Handbook’s Conflict of Commitment Policy for the definition of and reporting expectations around External Professional Activities.

Complete your EIAR in My CV

The External and International Activity Report will be completed within the My CV system for faculty on the Charles River Campus.

Boston University Medical Campus faculty should submit their EIARs at www.bumc.bu.edu/eiar.

Help is available

Your local My CV Liaison is available to help answer questions. Please feel free to contact them directly.

High level steps to complete your EIAR

It is recommended that you complete your FAR first, as certain items that you add to your My CV Profile for your FAR can now also be used in your EIAR without retyping them.

1. Log into My CV

2. In your Actions list, you’ll be presented with a message to Start your External and International Activity Report. Click the hyperlink, which will bring you to your EIAR exercise.

3. Follow the steps to enter information regarding the past calendar year’s Leaves (if applicable), External Activities (if applicable), and International Activities (if applicable). Eligible external activity items that have already been entered in your My CV Profile can be included on your EIAR by adding them to appropriate external activity section. Any additional items not on your profile may be entered using the Manual Input section.

My CV External and International Activity Report User Guide

4. Submit your EIAR for review.

Reviewers and FAR/EIAR Managers

  • If you’ve been identified as a Reviewer, follow the system prompts from your My Actions section in My CV. Reference our Reviewer User Guide that will walk you through the steps needed to review someone’s FAR and provide comments, where applicable.
  • If you’ve been identified as a FAR or EIAR Manager, reference our My CV FAR Manager guide that will walk you through how to use the ‘dashboard’ to review the status of the exercises and move them along the review path.