Non-faculty research employees contribute directly to our research productivity and are an important part of the research enterprise at Boston University. This is a varied and complex group.

This special Task Force worked to develop a comprehensive look forward for non-faculty research staff at BU, including recommendations that create consistency across the University and better provide support and advancement opportunities for these employees.

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Andrew Cohen

Professor of Physics, College of Arts & Sciences

Sarah Hokanson

Director, Professional Development & Postdoctoral Affairs


Diane Baldwin

Associate Vice President, Sponsored Programs

Carolyn Brownawell

Executive Director, Human Resources

Solomon Eisenberg

Professor, Departments of Biomedical Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering; and Senior Associate Dean for Academic Programs, ENG

Gillian Emmons

Associate Vice President and University Comptroller

Mark Friedl

Professor, Department of Earth & Environment, CAS

Carolyn Gorham

Director of Compensation, Human Resources

Andrew Henderson

Associate Professor, Departments of Medicine and Microbiology; and Assistant Dean of Graduate Medical Sciences, MED

Jeanne Kelley

Managing Director, International Students & Scholars Office

Maria Kukuruzinska

Professor, Department of Molecular & Cell Biology; and Associate Dean for Research


In 2010, a new classification system and set of human resources policies and procedures were developed for non-faculty research employees. After several years of experience with the existing system, it has become clear that the variety of titles and position descriptions require streamlining and that the policies and procedures for appointment, compensation, advancement, performance reviews, and eligibility for accrual of sick and vacation time should be reviewed and standardized.


  • Develop clear guidelines for determining academic privileges for these roles.
  • Clarify and standardize the position descriptions and classifications for non-faculty research employees.
  • Clarify and standardize relevant policies and procedures that are applied to each classification.
  • Determine the relevant academic privileges for each classification.


We submitted a full report to the University Provost and the President in May 2016. The report of the Task Force can be found here. Please visit this page for documentation of the process.

Member Resources

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