Welcome to the Preservation Studies Program

Our program trains students for productive careers working in historic preservation and the stewardship of cultural resources and heritage. Boston and New England have historically stood out as leaders of the national historic preservation movement and as influencers on the global stage. Successful, environmentally minded stewardship is part of the institutional DNA of Boston University, and the Preservation Studies Program draws inspiration and vitality from this rich context and curricula. As an MA program we are related to the American and New England Studies Program (AMNESP).

Preservation requires careful reflection on cultural values, place and identity, underrepresented heritage, community, social and political narratives, meaning and memory, adaptive reuse, and global trends. We stimulate students to think critically about principles and processes, as well as diversity and equality, and to allow for decisions that support sustainability in managing change.

Share our passion for preservation

Our MA in Preservation Studies accepts students for starts in both the fall and spring semesters. The fall deadline is February 15, and for starting in spring the application deadline is November 15.