Professor Emerita of Political Science

Areas of Specialization: Comparative Politics; Political Development; International Political Economy; Middle Eastern Studies

Irene Gendzier writes on subjects of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and problems of development. Her works include: 

Notes From the Minefield: United States Intervention in Lebanon and the Middle East, 1945-1958 (Columbia U Press, 1998; pbk. Westview Press, 1999).

Development Against Democracy (Tyrone Press, 1995; previously:: Managing Political Change: Social Scientists and the Third World (Westview, 1985).

Frantz Fanon: A Critical Study Pantheon (1973; revised ed. Evergreen, 1985).

“Play it Again Sam: The Practice and Apology of Development,” in Christopher Simpson, ed., Universities and Empire (New Press, 1998).

“Culture and Development: Veiled Apologetic or an Effort at Social Reconstruction of Economic and Political Change,” in The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs, (summer 1989,13,2).

“Democracy, Deception, and the Arms Trade: The U.S. Iraq, and Weapons of Mass Destruction,” in Crimes of War: Iraq, edited by Richard Falk, Irene Gendzier, and Robert Jay Lifton, (Nation Books, 2006).