Professor (Physics, ECE, and MSE), Director of Graduate Studies

Research Interests:

Conductivity and complex systems

My research covers three distinct but overlapping areas. With my students and other collaborators, I am investigating graphene and other two-dimensional electronic membranes. I have also extended this research to other two-dimensional materials, and in particular to several studies of phosphorene (two-dimensional black phosphorus) and the semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenide MoS2, which has a direct bandgap on the order of 1-2 eV in monolayer form. My long-term interest in “intrinsic localized modes” (ILMs). This has led me to study the possible existence of ILMs in Bose-Einstein Condensates (BECs) trapped in optical lattices, so that the effects of discreteness (from the optical lattice) and nonlinearity (from the BEC) were both present. In addition, I have been working with several different collaborators with the Functional Renormalization Group (FRG), and applying it to a wide range of models for novel, strongly correlated electronic systems.

Selected Publications:

“Mean Field study of the heavy fermion metamagnetic transition”, S. Viola Kusminskiy, K. Beach, A. Castro Neto, D. K. Campbell, Physical Review B, 77, 94419, 2008

“Electronic compressibility of a graphene bilayer”, J. Nilsson, D. K. Campbell, A. Castro Neto, S. Viola Kusminskiy, Physical Review Letters, 100, 106805, 2008

“Unconventional Quantum Phase Transition in a Ring-Exchange Antiferromagnet”, V. Kotov, D. X. Yao, A. Castro Neto, D. K. Campbell, 2007

“Magnetic Excitations of Stripes Near a Quantum Critical Point”, D. X. Yao, E. W. Carlson, D. K. Campbell, Physical Review Letters, 97, 1, 17003, 2006

“Magnetic Excitations of Stripes and Checkerboards in the Cuprates”, D. X. Yao, E. W. Carlson, D. K. Campbell, Physical Review B, 73, 22, 224525, 2006

For a full list of publications, please see the attached CV.


  • J. Robert Oppenheimer Fellow, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory
  • Stanislaw M. Ulam Scholar, Center for Nonlinear Studies,Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Julius Edgar Lilienfeld Prize, American Physical Society (2010)
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science, Fellow
  • American Physical Society, Fellow