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Thirsty Third Thursday (“TTT time”) is a social gathering every third Thursday of the month in the Business Innovation Center (BIC) lobby (6th floor of the Photonics Center, 8 St Mary’s Street, Boston) from 4-6pm. The BIC is a BU facility designed to help ideas become innovations for both BIC tenant companies (“BICsters”) and BU researchers. Faculty, doctoral students, postdocs, BICsters and guests are invited to grab a bite to eat and chat.

TTT time is BU’s only social venue to talk about technology transfer, development and commercialization, network with colleagues, corporations, and investors.

We invite guest speakers engaged in technology commercialization to give an informal two-minute introduction and then network with the audience.

“The gathering of students, business owners, researchers and faculty is fantastic and something I have not seen before.  The BIC is truly unique and I hope to become more involved” – Joe Warrino, Partner, J.W. Enterprises

Upcoming TTT Time:  June 15, 2023 | 4-6pm | 6th Floor Lobby of Photonics


Below you’ll find links to future and past TTTs. Where possible, we’ve attached a guest speaker’s downloadable marketing information.

TTT Archive

April 20, 2023 Menu

Guests to TTT 4/20/23:

Eric Sun
BU class of 2017, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Technology Scout, Miele Technology Inc.
Working at the Emerging Technologies Lab at Miele, their mission is to increase the absorption of new and innovative technologies into the Miele ecosystem. Eric’s job is to scout said technologies and then showcase them through Proof of Concept studies, where “we create prototypes and visions of how the technologies can work in a Miele setting.”

Reed Frerichs
Deal Flow & Portfolio Manager, Intel Ignite (Boston & US)
Intel Ignite is Intel’s deep tech accelerator for early-stage startups that works with the top innovators to help them create the future of technology. Deep tech:  AI model optimization, Autonomous and Robotics, Computation tech and new methods for decision analysis, Quantum Computing, Computer vision, Security and Privacy, Data, Cloud and Edge, Hardware and Manufacturing, Web 3.0 infrastructure and more…

March 16, 2023 Menu

Guest to TTT 3/16/23:

Allison Byers
Founder & CEO of Scroobious
Allison spoke about their founder pitch education platform: For startup founders who have a story to tell but need help telling it, the Scroobious Pitch it Plan™, or PiP, is a virtual platform that helps you get your compelling story into an investor-ready format.

February 16, 2023 Menu

Guests to TTT 2/16/23:

Joe Warrino
Partner, J.W. Enterprises
Providing software solutions to our clients as a single point of contact for all their IT needs. We know it’s a headache dealing with multiple vendors for each of your technology requirements! J.W. Enterprises Brochure

Brian LaCroix
Partner, Jameson & Company
We help you with budgeting and accounting for your grant funding. When it comes to grant and contract accounting, you must keep your books in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 31.* Jameson Services Brief

January 19, 2023 Menu

Guests to TTT 1/19/2023:

Allison Byers
Founder & CEO of Scroobious

Kelly(President of BUCG), Abby(VP of Engagements), and Kyu(Director of Engagements)
Boston University Consulting Group (BUCG)
They discussed opportunities for BICsters to take advantage of Pro Bono consulting services by the student run consulting group.

December 15, 2022 Menu

Guest to TTT 12/15/2022:

Jes Lambert and Tamer Alamuddin
(and colleagues) from Choate, Hall and Stewart LLP (law firm)
The good Choate people answered questions from IP planning to investing to estate planning.

November 17, 2022 Menu

Guest to TTT 11/17/2022:

Dan Lilly
Massachusetts Small Business Development Center | Providing hands on SBIR grant-writing and equity investor fundraising guidance at no cost to the businesses served.
Dan’s job is to help you secure funding for your venture.

October 20, 2022 Menu

Guest to TTT 10/20/2022:

Jenna Balestrini, PhD
Head of Strategy and Business Development for Precision Medicine and Bioprocessing | Draper Lab,
Jenna told us about Draper Lab and how they work with startups and new technologies.