Business Innovation Center

A turnkey, all-inclusive price structure includes cost of space, common areas, permits, taxes, utilities and overhead allowing companies to focus on core business execution.

Tenants of the Business Innovation Center gain access to:

  • Modern office and laboratory space, fully furnished with telephone and high-speed internet connections.
  • Fully permitted laboratories.
  • Options for Bio-Safety Level 2(BSL-2) space.  (See Guidelines).
  • A wide range of technical equipment and engineering resources to aid in rapid product development.
  • Conference rooms, reception area, kitchen, security and custodial services.
  • Shared access to photonics laboratories and capital equipment with the Photonics Center.
  • Boston University Library
  • Conference and Catering Services.
  • Office of Environmental Health and Safety (handling and disposal of hazardous waste).
  • Photonics Center conferences, symposia, guest lectures and social and networking events.

Companies aligned with Photonic Center faculty research have priority in reserving space in the Innovation Center and companies in the Center are encouraged to engage with faculty and students to enhance the entrepreneurial culture within the university.  Companies may hire student interns, collaborate with faculty and jointly participate with faculty and the Photonics Center staff in pursuit of Sponsored Research funding.

There is a simplified and streamlined application process for companies seeking space in the Business Innovation Center. Prospective tenants would initially provide a non-proprietary business executive summary and disclosure of conflicts and the university would follow-up with a Premise License Agreement.  Companies leasing laboratory space would also complete a Laboratory Design Checklist, and a Hazardous Material Survey and Equipment Inventory document. If there is space available and an appropriate fit for the BIC, all prospective tenants will need to fill out this linked form to provide information about the company, and this linked form needs to be filled out by all potential company employees for affiliate access. Prior to a fully executed Premise License Agreement all BIC tenants need to have appropriate levels of Commercial  General Liability insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance documented with current Certificate of Insurance, as per the guidelines in the agreement.

For BIC Tenants whose affiliate status is expiring, please fill out this form with ample time to avoid loss of access. Please note your access will align with the end date of your existing premise agreement. At the renewal or start of your Premise License Agreement process, you will need to fill out this linked form as well.

The Photonics Business Innovation Center Brochure is available here.