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Photonics Center Co-Sponsors East Boston High School’s Young Women’s Empowerment Day

Last Friday, East Boston High School held their annual EBHS Young Women’s Empowerment Day (YWED) event, including a luncheon fashioned like a mini-symposium at Boston University. Co-sponsored by BU Photonics Center, BU Gear Up, and Brown Rudnick Charitable Foundation, the luncheon was attended by fifty female students from EBHS. A keynote talk by Professor Marcia […]

NASA’s Progress One Month After the UAP Report with Joshua Semeter

By Danny Giancioppo Last month, NASA released a report detailing their newly branded UAP (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena) Independent Study team, which includes Boston University’s own Joshua Semeter, ECE professor in the College of Engineering. The team hopes to shed light on the ever-elusive, often-mischaracterized method of research, in no small part by doing away with […]

Preparing the Next Generation of Photonics Professionals | Boston Photonics Day 2023

Yesterday marked the inaugural Boston Photonics Day event, hosted by the SPIE/OPTICA Student Chapter at the Boston University Photonics Center, with support from the Photonics Center. The event set out to not only inform the next generation of photonics professionals, but nurture them, creating a community through which industry developments and opportunities might flourish. Following […]

A Game-Changing New Way of Learning

Five REUs have recently joined BU’s campus as full-time students from around the country, transferring and pursuing their continued education. By Danny Giancioppo: Leaving your hometown, home state, even home country can be trying for any college student. From unpacking, to socializing, to getting to know a brand-new city, it can be an overstimulating experience. […]

Five Photonics Students’ Papers Finalists in Optica Imaging Conference Competition

Five graduate students of the Photonics Center were among the finalists of last weeks OPTICA Imaging Conference Student Paper Competition. Each student came from one of four Photonics Center professor research groups, showcasing their significant research strengths in, and the capabilities of, imaging at Boston University. The students, their research groups, and their papers include: […]