Student Travel Support

Photonics Center Research Trainees (PRTs) who have papers accepted for presentation at SPIE or OSA conferences are eligible to receive 50% matching funds from the Photonics Center of up to $500 per student per trip for posters. Students are eligible to receive 50% matching funds of up to $750 for oral presentations.  Recipients must be enrolled as a full-time student in the University and must have a prinicpal research advisor who is a member of the Photonics Center faculty. After winning such an award, the student will not be eligible for support again for two years.

Requests for support should be sent by email to Meghan Foley (

Please include the following information in the request:

  • Name, location, date, and website address of the conference at which the work will be presented;
  • Confirmation that the paper or oral presentation has been accepted;
  • Name and email address of the Photonics Center faculty member committed to providing the matching funds.

When submitting expenses for reimbursement, the student should inform their department Financial Administrator that the Photonics Center has agreed to support 50% of the travel cost (not to exceed $500) for papers and 50% of the travel cost (not to exceed $750) for oral presentations, and they can contact Meghan Foley for accounting information.