Sustainable Development Insights, No. 2, November 2009

UNsdkp002sinRio+20: Another World Summit?
By Miquel Munoz and Adil Najam

November 2009 (8 pages)
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This issue explores the possibility of holding a Sustainable World Summit in 2012 and  three possible options to support such an event . The paper concludes, “The world may not choose any of our three options as the grand purpose for a 2012 World Sustainability Summit. But whatever goal is chosen for a summit needs to be not only grand, but truly meaningful. If it is, then future generations will remember that event like we remember Stockholm and Rio. If it is not, then another summit is not what the world needs right now.”

Sustainable Development Insights is a series of short policy essays supporting the  Sustainable Development Knowledge Partnership (SDKP) and edited by Boston University’s Frederick S. Pardee Center for the study of the Longer-Range Future. The series seeks to promote a broad interdisciplinary dialogue on how to accelerate sustainable development at all levels.

Dr Miquel Munoz, a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future, specializes in climate change, renewable energy and sustainable development. He has participated as an observer in nearly 50 international environmental negotiation meetings.

Prof. Adil Najam, is the Frederick S. Pardee Professor of Global Public Policy at Boston University and Director of the Pardee Center for the Study of Longer-Range Future. He works on issues of international diplomacy, sustainable development, and human well-being, with a focus on developing countries.