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Africa 2060: Good News from AfricaPardee Conf Report GoodNewsAfrica-cover

Fall 2010 (66 pages)
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As the capstone event of a research program called “Africa 2060”, the Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer Range Future at Boston University convened a conference on April 16, 2010 called “Africa 2060: Good News from Africa.” The program featured more than a dozen expert panelists from Boston University and elsewhere, and the approximately 100 participants included many African scholars and other citizens from the continent who contributed to lively and well- informed discussion sessions.

This conference report begins with an overview that captures the major issues discussed at the event, enriched by additional information and perspectives relevant to any discussion of Africa’s future. Next, four short essays prepared by Boston University graduate students provide readers with highlights of each conference session and the main points made by the panelists. An additional section uses information available from a variety of international government and institutional sources to look at trends and projections related to societal, economic, and governance issues for Africa and offers an analysis of what the continent’s future may hold.

Video of the conference sessions is available here.

For more information and publications related to the Africa 2060 program, visit here.