Stephanie Watts

Research Fellow
Associate Professor, Information Systems Department, School of Management, Boston University


BA, Brown University; PhD, Boston University


Information transparency, collaboration systems, social networks, systems dynamics, technologies for collective accountability


Stephanie Watts is Associate Professor of Information Systems at the Boston University School of Management. She was previously on the faculty of the Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University. Her academic research has focused on the role that information technology plays in organizational information transfer, with a focus on mediated knowledge sharing and cognition. She also researches information transparency, mobile online social networks, and technologies for enabling civil society. She has published academic papers in such journals as Information Systems Research, Organization Science, Information and Management, and Journal of Computer Mediated Communication.

In her work as a Pardee Center Fellow, Prof. Watts is studying the role that emerging technologies, especially information technologies, are playing and can play in ethical consumption. She will focus, in particular, on how emerging technologies can give consumers—in both industrialized and developing countries—new tools for acquiring better information about the products they use and also to better influence the practices of corporations.