2018 Pardee Center Graduate Summer Fellows

Kristen Carey, doctoral student, History
She conducted a historical analysis of demographic policy interventions intended to slow population growth in Tanzania.


Andrea DiGiorgio, doctoral student, Anthropology – Appleton Schneider Fellow*
She studied how to most effectively select natural corridors of conservation land that build bridges for wildlife between rainforest fragments in Indonesia.


Brittany Frederick, doctoral student, Sociology
She compared international race discourse surrounding Black Lives Matter and analyzed the diffusion of narratives and experiences that have motivated the global response to the movement.


Ariana Gunderson, master’s student, Gastronomy
She studied how Massachusetts aquaculturists perceive, experience, and prepare for the effects of climate change.


Ian Kieffer, master’s student, Economic Policy
He analyzed the impact of technological, financial, social, and political factors on developing urban centers’ implementation of sustainable energy systems.


Yeonjung (Jane) Lee, doctoral student, Social Work
She studied the relationship between productive activities (e.g. work and volunteering) and cognitive health outcomes among older adults.


Luca Morreale, doctoral student, Earth & Environment
He calculated a complete carbon budget for the town of Arlington, Massachusetts, comparing the relative importance of energy efficiency and renewable energy efforts with the carbon offsets provided by public street trees.


Cecilia Pardo, master’s student, Film and Television Studies
She examined how global environmental change and sustainable development are approached in the programming of four different public television channels.


Katharine Terry, master’s student, Nutrition
She studied the treatment of gestational diabetes as a means of reducing the likelihood of offspring obesity.


Abaas Yunas master’s student, International Affairs & Religion
He studied the massive projected demographic shift of religious affiliation to the global south, and the potential long-term implications these changes will have on development, international affairs, and diplomacy.


More information about the Pardee Center Graduate Summer Fellows Program and previous summer fellows is available here.

*Each year, the Pardee Center Graduate Summer Fellow who is closest to completing his or her doctoral degree is designated as the Appleton Schneider Fellow in honor of BU Alumnus Appleton Schneider, who provided a bequest to the Pardee Center endowment to support the Graduate Summer Fellows program.