2013 Pardee Summer Fellows

Chris IconChristopher Conz, doctoral student, History
He will study the human health and rural development implications of large-scale river basin development (hydroelectric projects) in Africa.


Margret Icon

Margaret Hendrick, doctoral student, Earth and Environment
She will research the relationships within and between infrastructure and political ecosystems in aging cities, using Boston as a case study for comparison with cities around the world.


Maia IconMaia Olsen, master’s student, School of Public Health
She will examine opportunities for, and limits to, improving and expanding cost-effective cancer treatment in low- and middle-income countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Bryan IconBryan Patenaude, master’s student, Global Development Economics
He will research economic incentives that encourage improper e-waste disposal, and mechanisms that can ameliorate e-waste impacts on the environment, livelihoods and health.


Chantel iconChantel Pheiffer, masters student, Global Development Policy
She will study the feasibility of providing lower-cost money transfer services and the impact (benefits and risks) such services may have on remittance flows in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Leslie IconLeslie Sale, doctoral student, Political Science
She will research the impact and development implications of accountability in transitioning societies and how it informs policy objectives in post-conflict countries, using Angola as a case study.


Leeann IconLeeann Sullivan, master’s student, International Relations & Environmental Policy
She will look at successes and failures in freshwater resource management by grassroots projects, using the Every River Has Its People project (Okavango River Basin, southern Africa) as a case study.


Ben IconBen Twagira, doctoral student, History
He will research the moral and ethical reasons behind why people choose to migrate to, and remain in, cities and the implications for urban planning, using Kampala, Uganda as a case study.


More information is available about the Pardee Graduate Summer Fellows program and previous classes of Summer Fellows here.