2012 Pardee Summer Fellows

Ashley_Anderson2Ashley Anderson, master’s student, Social Work and Theology (dual degree)
She will study from an ethics perspective how the international community might respond and support island nations and communities that are vulnerable to be being displaced as sea level rise submerges the land where they lived and affects their cultural identity.

Ben_Carr2Ben Carr, doctoral student, Biology
He will analyze effective fisheries management and conservation strategies in the Phoenix Islands Protected Area and the implications for broader marine conservation policies.

Kelly_DeAngelis2Kelly DeAngelis, master’s student, International Relations and Environmental Policy
She will research whether and how the Water Diplomacy Framework could help improve water quality in China’s largest urban areas.

Diana_Gergel2Diana Gergel, master’s student, Mechanical Engineering
She will look at various types of dams and how their structural design and impact on the surrounding landscape is related to water-borne disease transmission in the developing world.

Peng2Peng Huang, doctoral student, Economics
He will research proposed pension reforms in China, and how a simultaneous movement to privatize state-owned enterprises may have implications related to the proposed reforms as well as the global economy.

Eli 2Eli Romero, doctoral student, Biology
He will study how regulations and policies related to land use and coastal resource management programs in multiple jurisdictions affect the Belize Barrier Reef System and the larger Meso-American Barrier Reef Complex.

Shixiong_Wang 2Shixiong Wang, doctoral student, Geography and EnvironmentUsing geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing tools, he will look at changes in land use and urbanization trends in Shanghai over the past decade as a basis for comparison with other rapidly urbanizing areas.

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