Pardee Center Hosts Public Lecture by Former Dominican Republic President Leonel Fernández

On October 26, the Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future hosted a lecture by former President of the Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernández. The talk, titled “Globalization & Geopolitics in the Digital Age,” took place at the Boston University Hillel and was co-sponsored by the Center for Latin American Studies.

A video recording of the lecture is available above.

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Leonel Fernández is a prominent Dominican politician, lawyer, professor, and writer who has played an important role in promoting political and ideological issues, both nationally and internationally.

He has been elected President of the Dominican Republic three times, exercising a progressive and democratic mandate, promoting democratic institutional reforms, sustained economic growth, the application of social policies aimed at reducing poverty, and notable development in the country’s infrastructure.

He was invested with a Honoris Causa Doctorate by renowned universities in Europe, the United States and Latin America, due to his contributions to democracy, respect for human rights, dialogue between peoples, peace and social justice. Among the universities that stand out are the Sorbonne University, Paris 8 University, General San Martín National University, Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University, and Seton Hall University. In addition, the University of Jordan distinguished him by naming its Center for Latin American Studies after him. He is the recipient of the Gold Medal from the University of Alcalá. Furthermore, he is Honorary Professor from UNCARIBE College and the University of Miami.

Fernández is the author of the books Estados Unidos y el Caribe (The United States in the Caribbean); Raíces de un Poder Usurpado (Roots of an Usurped Power); El Nuevo Paradigma (The New Paradigm); El Delito de Opinión Pública (The Crime of Public Opinion); Años de Formación (Years of Formation); Años de Avance (Years of Advancement); Ideas en Conflicto: Diálogo Póstumo Entre Juan Bosch y John Bartlow Martin (Conflicting Ideas: Posthumous Dialogue between Juan Bosch and John Bartlow Martin); and En Defensa de la Constitución (Defending the Constitution).

He is sitting President of the Global Democracy and Development Foundation (FUNGLODE); the United Nations Association of the Dominican Republic (UNA-DR); and the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA); and former president of the European Union – Latin America and Caribbean Foundation (EU–LAC Foundation).

In addition, he is a member of several international institutions, such as Círculo de Montevideo, Council of Freely Elected Heads of Government, Inter-American Dialogue, and Club of Madrid.

He is the founder and president of the Fuerza del Pueblo Party.