Pardee Center Director At Symposium on Justice and Health

Sen-JusticeProf. Adil Najam, the Director of the Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future, was one of the invited presenters at a special symposium on Justice and Health, held at Harvard Univeristy to consider the implications of Amartya Sen’s recent book, The Idea of Justice, on global health and global health policy.

The workshop was sponsored by the Harvard Global Equity Initiative, the Ash Institute at the Harvard Kennedy School, The Lancet, and the China Medical Board. Prof. Amartya Sen responded in detail to the various presentations and discussants and led an intense format of “public reasoning” as he as outlined in the book.

The workshop brought together many leading intellectuals of justice and of international development, including Amartya Sen, Lincoln Chen, Sudhir Anand, Tony Saich, Tony Atkinson, Tim Scanlon, Mike McPherson, Adil Najam, Norman Daniels, Richard Horton, Dan Hausman, Julio Frenk and Paul Farmer.