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Lost for 168 years, doomed Northwest Passage ship disovered

Christian Science Monitor Adriana Craciun In 1845, Sir John Franklin launched an expedition from England to chart the last unexplored waters of the elusive and dangerous Northwest Passage… Expert quote: “The Franklin exposition to the Northwest Passage has had a seminal role in the way we think about the North American Arctic.” View full op-ed

Education leaders consider: When should we speak up about divisive issues?

Christian Science Monitor quoting Walter Fluker, School of Theology “On Aug. 14, Brian Rosenberg joined in a chorus of college presidents across the United States denouncing the racially charged events in Charlottesville, Va…” Expert quote: “We have a nation with poor people, with people incarcerated, who would love to have the opportunity to receive a […]

Meet the woman who brings Haruki Murakami works to an enthusiastic Poland

Christian Science Monitor profiling Anna Zielińska-Elliott, College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences “When Haruki Murakami’s 13th novel, “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage,” was released in Poland, Polish readers didn’t necessarily need to go to bookstores to find a copy…” View full profile.   

One state’s opioid crisis sheds light on national health-care debate

Christian Science Monitor quoting Alan Sager, School of Public Health “As the chief medical officer at a downtown hospital, William Goodman has seen how opioid abuse can ravage a community…” Expert quote: “Slashing and burning Medicaid and saying the states will find the money is the most gargantuan case of buck-passing in the history of […]

Health care: vote delayed, but calls to address costs keep growing

Christian Science Monitor quoting Alan Sager, School of Public Health “Senate Republicans have been forced into postponing major health care legislation in the United States Senate, and the backdrop is partly the difficult economics of health care: Costs for average Americans are high and rising, and the Senate legislation so far doesn’t appear to offer […]

Is there a doctor in the kitchen? How culinary medicine reenvisions food.

Christian Science Monitor quoting Deborah Frank, School of Medicine “In her white lab coat and slacks, Maureen Villaseñor looked better suited to be handing out prescriptions at a clinic than talking salad dressing in a grocery store aisle…” Expert quote: “Doctors are starting to recognize that we can hand out shots and antibiotics day in […]

How will Trump administration treat climate change? Why it’s so hard to know

Christian Science Monitor Henrik Selin, Pardee School/College of Arts & Sciences Donald Trump’s three latest cabinet nominees are part of the president-elect’s campaign promise to “drain the swamp in Washington.”… Expert quote: “When you have a more seasoned politician coming in, you have a better idea of who his close advisers are.” View full article