Life at BU is constantly moving—we capture that endless motion with stunning photography.

You’ve already seen our photography. It defines a campus on the banners that line Comm. Ave., leaps from the pages of BU’s magazines and viewbooks, and refreshes the websites and slideshows clicked on by thousands.

It could do something amazing for you, too: BU staff and faculty can book our photographers at unbeatable rates, order from BU’s extensive image library, or get expert advice on integrating photography into a communications project or plan.

Our award-winning photographers are full-time BU staff and—when they’re not out capturing University life—share offices with the rest of our creative team, so you can be sure their images will be on brand and a great fit with your campaign or project. (If you’d like us to plan or design your marketing or communications project for you, we’ll arrange all the shoots on your behalf.)

Not that we’re only about the imaginative and artistic; sometimes, people just want to document a moment. We’re reliable, experienced hands at covering events, receptions, and other BU milestones. If you really want to feel like a star, you can also choose to have your pictures taken in our Charles River Campus photo studio.

And it could be that you don’t even need to book a photo shoot. Because we’re snapping something at BU every day, we might already have the shot you’re looking for. Our image library is packed with existing BU-related photos. If you’re not sure of the best choice for your project, our research service can help you track down the perfect image, whether it’s from our online library or historic archive, or from an outside source. Once you’ve chosen the photos you’d like to purchase, we’ll provide you with the digital files.