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Reductionism Rampant

National Review Charles L. Glenn Jr. A secular, mechanistic worldview raises more questions than it purports to answer… Expert quote: “Glenn’s crucial distinction is between procedural ‘secularity, rightly understood as a legal and political arrangement of neutrality toward religious and other convictions, consistent with a pluralistic society,’ and secularism as a militant, intolerant, essentially totalitarian […]

Good School, Rich School; Bad School, Poor School

The Atlantic Charles Glenn, School of Education This is one of the wealthiest states in the union. But thousands of children here attend schools that are among the worst in the country… Expert quote: States like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York depended on religious groups to educate children, while southern states depended on plantation […]

Why America Is Behind Europe on Educational Freedom

The Heartland Institute By Charles Glenn, School of Education The United States ranks among the lowest of Western democracies in government support for educational freedom, and particularly for the right of parents to select schools that correspond to their own religious convictions… View full article by expert Charles Glenn

Interaction by parents, teachers an aid to kids

Boston Globe (subscription required) Charles Glenn, School of Education Educators have long known that parental support can help students improve their school performance, but a new study suggests that even a small nudge from teachers to parents — with specific guidance on where their children need improvement — can play a big role in preventing […]

Free Market Friday: Give them what they want

The Journal Record Charles Glenn, School of Education When it comes to improving education, what can Oklahoma learn from other countries?… Expert quote: “Every country in the world except North Korea, Vietnam and Cuba allows parents to choose schools. Every Western democracy except the United States provides public funding to support those choices.” View full […]

LETTERS: Charter schools achieving goals that have eluded Massachusetts for decades

Boston Globe (subscription required) By Charles Glenn, School of Education From 1970 to 1991 I was the Massachusetts state official responsible for urban education and equity issues. Despite vigorous enforcement of the laws (including rulings in our favor by the Supreme Judicial Court) and hundreds of millions of dollars in state funding to 18 cities, […]

POV: Why Catholic Schools Have the Right to Fire Married Gay Staff

BU Today By Charles Glenn, School of Education The New York Times recently ran a front-page story about a Catholic school outside Seattle that fired an administrator who married another man. Just a week later, the front page of the Boston Globe featured a story about a Massachusetts Catholic school that canceled its job offer to a prospective food services director when […]