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How To Spot Self-Sabotaging Behaviour Before It Interferes With Your Goals

Junkee Ellen Hendriksen Psychology Today defines self-sabotage as something that “creates problems and interferes with long-standing goals”, most commonly seen in things like procrastination or comfort eating… Expert quote: “As the bar continues to rise—you’re promoted to a new position, you obtain higher levels of education—you feel you only have further to fall when you inevitably come crashing down.” […]

Wow Way or Huawei? A readable Chinese brand is the first key in unlocking America’s market

South China Morning Post Z. Justin Ren Huawei Technologies, the world’s third-largest smartphone producer, spared no expense to launch its flagship model in the United States, taking the Mate 10 Pro to the iPhone’s home turf in its most aggressive sales pitch… Expert quote: “The US is still the most important and lucrative market for […]

The 1 Big Way Meghan Markle Is Breaking Royal Tradition With Her Wedding Party

Cheat Sheet Arianne Cherokee Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have proven that they aren’t the most traditional royal couple and ever since announcing their engagement, many have wondered how unconventional their upcoming nuptials will be… Expert quote: “There are no rules about this, there’s just precedent. The next generation of royals are more willing to push […]

A New Poll Shows the Public Is Overwhelmingly Opposed to Endless US Military Interventions

E&E News Douglas Kriner Last week, the bipartisan Committee for a Responsible Foreign Policy—a bipartisan advocacy group calling for congressional oversight of America’s lengthy list of military interventions abroad—released the results of a survey that show broad public support for Congress to reclaim its constitutional prerogatives in the exercise of foreign policy (see Article 1, […]