Mentoring: Launching first-generation success

Mimi and David’s mentoring relationship started in early 2023, and one year later, their relationship is stronger than ever! Through the College of Engineering alumni and student mentorship program, these two Terriers found within each other the people they didn’t know were missing in their lives. Mimi found a professional and established engineer to look up to, and David found a young and ambitious student to help and guide.

Miriam “Mimi” Bounar (ENG’24), a first-generation student and first-generation immigrant who studies Biomedical Engineering, joined the ENG Mentors program on BU Connects on a whim, looking for an opportunity to forge a real and significant relationship with an engineer. As the first in her family to go to college as well as the first to pursue engineering, Mimi often felt she lacked a figure to look up to and go to for guidance when it came to her professional aspirations. Mimi was hoping to find “someone who knows how to respond, how to act, what type of opportunities to look for, and then go on from there.” Read more here.