Terrier F1RSTS

BU’s first-generation students—our Terrier F1RSTS—are vital members of our University community. The Newbury Center aims to fully support these students so they feel as great a sense of well-being, belonging, self-efficacy, and preparedness as do their continuing-generation peers. We want Terrier F1RSTS to fully participate in the BU experience, availing themselves of all the support services and other benefits BU offers. Check out the videos below to hear students talk about their experiences as first generation students on campus and how the Newbury Center has influenced their sense of belonging and well-being.

We are happy to announce the launch of the Newbury Center’s Terrier F1RSTS Advocate Directory! Through the directory, Terrier F1RSTS are able to connect with Terrier F1RSTS Advocates, who can provide assistance and can act as a guide for your journey at BU. Please feel free to send the advocates a professional and courteous email if you would like to speak to them. Our advocates are arranged by faculty