PF&G Engagement

College life can feel like unfamiliar territory for first-generation students—and also for their parents, families, and guardians (PF&G). The Newbury Center is here to support the PF&G community and invites you to engage with us in the following ways:

  • Sign up for online programs designed specifically for the PF&G community—including a workshop we offer each fall to help families better understand their student’s transition from high school to college.
  • Attend our in-person events on campus during Family & Friends Weekend, which BU holds each October.
  • Subscribe to our PF&G newsletter. Our email newsletter includes reminders of important dates and deadlines, news from the center, and spotlights of Newbury Center community members.
  • Contact the executive director. If you have questions or concerns about your student’s BU experience, don’t hesitate to reach out. Maria Erb, Executive Director of the Newbury Center, is happy to make personal appointments.