Lab Photos

The Move to 900 Commonwealth Ave., August-September 2018

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  • On the roof at Beacon St. So long, Citgo sign!

  • Ryan packs the books and test materials.

  • Josh is entrusted with the duct tape.

  • Ollie is master of all things techie and electronic.

  • Emma is excited about unpacking in the new space!

  • The Vision and Cognition Lab has landed!

Awards and Presentations

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  • Kristy, AARP Andrus Award, 2002

    Kristy receives the AARP Andrus Award, 2002

  • Liz M, Kristy, Alice, 2002-2003

    Liz Markson, Kristy, and Alice at Kristy's AARP Andrus Award presentation, 2002

  • Erica and Rob, PD camp, 2015

    Erica and Rob and their awards at Fostering New Directions in Parkinson's Research (aka "PD camp"), 2015

  • Christina at INS 2016

    Christina Xu, RISE high school student, presents at INS, 2016

  • Rob and Christina, INS 2016

    Rob and Christina Xu present at INS 2016

  • Bonnie and Alice, APA award 2016

    Bonnie Brown delivers the APA Mentorship Award to Alice, 2016

  • APA Mentorship Award 2016

    APA Mentorship Award for Alice, Div 20, Adult Development and Aging, 2016

  • Ollie MDS Vancouver 2017

    Ollie presents at the MDS meeting in Vancouver, 2017

  • Ollie and McMillen Award, APA, 2017

    Ollie receives the annual McMillen Award from APA Div 20, 2017

Events and Marches

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  • APDA Brain Storms 2015

    APDA Brain Storms, Concord MA, with Marie Saint-Hillarie, Cathi Thomas, and Terry Ellis, 2015

  • PD Pawsox 2016

    APDA Day at the PawSox! Alice, Sandy, Asher, Cathi Thomas and Marty, 2016

  • APDA Erica and Cathy, 2016

    Erica with Cathi Thomas at APDA Day at PawSox, 2016

  • APDA at PawSox, 2016

    Cathi Thomas, Erica, and Alice at PawSox-- on the field for the APDA, 2016

  • Edible Brains competition, PS/NE338, 2016

    Edible Brains competition (Alice's PS/NE338 class), judges Donna Pincus, Ollie, Erica, Sam Ling, Emma

  • Brain hat, 2017

    Alice knitted a brain hat with distinct temporal lobes. March for Science, Boston, 2017

  • Brain hat with cerebellum, 2017

    Alice's knitted brain hat is complete now that it has a cerebellum. For March for Science, 2017

  • March for Science crowd 2017

    Alice (in brain hat) and pals Donna and Jeff at March for Science, 2017

  • CG's March for Science, 2017

    The Cronin-Golomb family marches for science, 2017

Lab Fun!

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  • Lab fun night, 2012

    Lab fun night, 2012

  • Lab fun night with Chelsea and Mirella, 2012

    Chelsea and Mirella, 2012

  • Justin and more, 2012

    Justin, Alex, Mirella, Chelsea, Abhi 2012

  • Dan and Chelsea, lab fun night 2012

    Dan and Chelsea, 2012

  • Sandy and Chelsea, lab fun night 2012

    Sandy and Chelsea, 2012

  • Lab bowling 2012

    Lab fun night 2012

  • Uraina, 2012

    Uraina at ISBN conference, 2012

  • Gretchen and Abhi, maybe 2012

    Gretchen and Abhi kayaking on the Charles, circa 2012

  • Rob tuba 2013

    Rob grooves on the tuba, 2013

  • Rob tuba, apple picking 2013

    More Rob, more tuba, 2013

  • Kristy H. and Melissa visit 2015

    Alice, Kristy, and Melissa, 2015

  • Kings' bowling gang 2016

    Alice, Ollie, Abhi, Tom, Dan, Mirella, and Erica at Kings bowling, 2016

  • Sandy's birthday 2017

    Sandy's birthday! 2017

  • Fun night bowling 2012

    Lab fun night bowling, 2012

  • Jade's wedding 2015

    Abhi, Jade, Erica and Jade at Jade's wedding, 2015

  • Cape beach party 2016

    Kristy C., Ollie, Ryan, Erica, Emma at Michael's Cape party, 2016

  • Bowling fun 2016

    Mirella and Chelsea, 2016

  • Bowling night 2016

    Alice, Ollie, Tom, Dan, Mirella, Erica bowling, 2016

  • Exhausted from bowling 2016

    Abhi, Dan, Ollie and Tom bowling 2016

  • The grad students 2017-8

    Ryan, Ollie, Emma, and Rob welcome new guy Josh, 2017

  • Lab brunch, 2018

    Ollie, Anna, Beyza, Ryan, Alice, and Josh at Eastern Standard. Captured with Beyza's throwback camera! 2018

Rob Plays the Tuba at an Apple Picking, 2013

Group Shots

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  • Rob and Jade, 2015

    Rob and Jade looking fashionably scientific, 2015

  • Tom, Ivy, Karishma, Daniel, and Bobby, 2009

    Tom, Ivy, Karishma, Daniel, and Bobby Zamora, 2009

  • Lab photo with fun specs, 2015

    Alice's lab and Arash's lab, 2015

  • Lab, 2012

    Zach Monge, Mirella, Dan, Maaria K., Katie, Laura P.

  • Lab photo, 2016

  • Joel's for Cognitive Aging Conference


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  • Alice and Karina, 2013

    Alice and Karina, 2013

  • Abhi, Mirella, Dan, Deepti 2016

    Abhi, Mirella, Alice, Dan, and Deepti, 2016

  • Deepti 2016

    Chantal Stern, Deepti, and Alice 2016

  • Dan 2016

    Dan and Henry, 2017

  • Dan the Grad, 2016

    Dan, 2017

  • Xiaolin, 2017

    Xiaolin and Alice, 2017, Sargent College

  • Gretchen 2017

    Gretchen and Alice, 2017

  • Erica and Jade, 2018

    Erica, Alice, and Jade, 2018

  • Erica, Jade, 2018

    Erica, Alice, Abhi, and Jade, 2018

Defense Photos

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  • Mirella and committee, 2014

    Michael, Arash, Mirella, Sandy, Alice, Laura, 2014

  • Mirella celebrates, 2014

    Mirella high-fives her committee, 2014

  • Mirella done, 2014

    Mirella ready to relax with her serious committee, 2014

  • Mirella, binocular rivalry, 2014

    Mirella does binocular rivalry with Alice and Sandy, 2014

  • Mirella and the machine, 2014

    Mirella and binocular rivalry machine, 2014

  • Mirella's committee, 2014

    Michael Lyons, Arash Yazdanbakhsh, Sandy, Alice, and Laura Grande, 2014

  • Mirella and Laura P., 2014

    Mirella and Laura P., 2014

  • Dan post-defense, 2014

    Dan is PHinisheD, 2014

  • Deepti, 2015

    Deepti, 2015

  • Deepti and co., 2015

    Alice, Deepti, Chantal Stern, 2015

  • Abhi at defense, 2015

    Abhi in action, 2015

  • Abhi, 2015

    Abhi with the neuron tiara, 2015

  • Abhi's committee, 2015

    Michael Lyons, Terry Ellis, Abhi, Sandy, Alice, and Serge Roy, 2015

  • Abhi post-defense 2015

    Alice and Abhi post-defense, 2015

  • Abhi and serious friends, 2015

    Abhi and serious friends, 2015

  • Abhi's defense, not-so-serious friends, 2015

    Abhi and not-so-serious friends, 2015

  • Xiaolin's committee, 2015

    Alice, Xiaolin, Terry Ellis, Serge Roy, Elliot Salzman, Sandy, 2015

  • Xiaolin 2015

    Xiaolin, 2015

  • Xiaolin doctoral cupcakes, 2015

    Xiaolin doctoral cupcakes, 2015

  • Gretchen post-defense, 2016

    Gretchen post-defense with Sandy, Erica, Jade, and Alice, Eastern Standard, 2016

  • Rob's committee, 2017

    Alice, Bonnie Wong, Michael Lyons, Rob, Sandy, Terry Ellis, 2017

  • Jade's committee, 2018

    Michael Lyons, Sandy, Jade, Bonnie Wong, and Alice, 2018

  • Erica's committee, 2018

    Marcy Tompson, Sandy, Alice, Erica, Michael Lyons, Rhoda Au, 2018

  • Jade and Erica post-defense, 2018

    Jade and Erica post-defense at Eastern Standard, 2018

  • Samia Islam's senior thesis defense 2020

    Our first Zoom defense! With committee members ACG, Dr. Yakeel Quiroz (upper right), and Dr. Kristin Long (upper left).

Cognitive Aging Conference, 2016

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  • VCL and VETSA at Joel's

    Monica, Asher, Ollie, Katie Moon, Rob, and Emma

  • Emma and Ollie

    Emma and Ollie present

  • Dan, Rob, Katie, Emma, Asher, Ollie

    Dan, Rob, Katie Moon, Emma, Asher, and Ollie

Cognitive Aging Conference, Atlanta, 2014

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  • Erica and Rob, PD camp, 2015


  • Vicki

    Vicki Nguyen presents

  • Tracy

    Tracy from Bridgewater

  • Laura

    Laura P. presents

  • Lindsey

    Lindsey from Bridgewater

  • Rob and Ollie

    Rob and Ollie

  • Lab presenting

    A row of lab posters!

  • Dinner at Joel's

    Dinner at Joel's house!

  • The feast!

  • Ollie, Rob, Vicki

    Ollie, Rob, and Vicki at Joel's

  • Vicki at Joel's

    Vicki at Joel's

  • Alice sock monkey

    Alice is sock monkey winner!

  • Ollie, Vicki

    Ollie and Vicki at Joel's

  • Ann and Joel

    Ann and Joel, our outstanding hosts!

  • Sock monkey competition

    Kristen Kennedy, Erica, Vicki compete at sock monkey

Lab Fun Night 2013 – Celtics Game

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  • Dan, Mirella, Gretchen

    So many fun people, including Dan and Vanessa, Mirella, Gretchen, and Michelle B.

  • Rob, Dan, and Ollie

    Rob, Dan, and Ollie

  • Gretchen, Michelle B., Abhi

    Gretchen, Michelle B., and Abhi

  • Celts!


Annual Christmas Give 2013 donations

Massachusetts Neuropsychological Society 2013 Symposium

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Lab Holiday Lunch, 2012

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Cognitive Aging Conference, Atlanta, 2012

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  • Abhi

    Abhi presents

  • Abhi at poster

    Abhi at his poster

  • Mirella and Zach

    Mirella and Zach present.

  • Tom explains.

    Tom explains.

  • Chelsea presents.

    Chelsea presents.

Cognitive Aging Conference, Atlanta, 2010

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  • Mirella and committee, 2014


  • Ivy

    Ivy explains.

  • Dan, Rob, Katie, Emma, Asher, Ollie

    Dan presents

  • Tom

    Tom presents.

  • Chelsea and Bruce

    Chelsea and Bruce present

Dinner at Joel’s House

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  • The lull before the dinner

    The lull before the storm (dinner)

  • Sandy, Alice, Michael

    Sandy, Alice and Michael

  • Dinner time!

    Dinner time!

Sock Monkey!!!

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  • Michael in the thick of it

    Yakeel, Michael, Ivy, Sandy, Mirella

  • Ivy triumphs

    Ivy triumphant!

Memory walk 2010. Walk to end Alzheimer’s Disease.

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  • Lab and AD walk

    Yakeel, Deepti, Abhi, Mirella, Caitlin, Ivy

  • AD walk, lab

    Abhi, Mirella, Ivy and Sharad, Deepti and others

  • On the walk

    Ivy, Sharad, Mirella and Chelsea

  • Chelsea


  • Lab members

    Abhi, Deepti, Caitlin, Mirella and Chelsea

A lunch in honor of our summer student volunteers.

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  • Summer volunteers

    The Lower Depths, Kenmore

It’s hard to keep a straight face for so long…

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AARP Andrus award

Older Lab Photos

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  • Tom shows off his newly aquired skill of balloon-animal making. One never knows what a Research Assistant will learn on the job. (It's a fish on a pole [left], a dog on a leash [middle], and Tom [right] -- in case you were wondering.)

  • Dr. Cronin-Golomb finds advisee Melissa discovering all of her secrets, written in "Games Advisors Play".

  • Dr. Neargarder shows us her brain.

  • An "artsy" photo taken at the Boston University Boathouse, by lab member Tom Laudate.

  • An intense game of "Sock Monkey" in Atlanta, GA. (Be the first to pick up the dropped sock monkey, with chop sticks.)

  • The Sock Monkey enjoying a beverage between games.

  • Tom representing the lab at the Ted William's memorial at Fenway Park in July of 2002.

  • Current and former lab members playing the sax!

Chocolate Buffet Trip

Dozens of chocolate cakes, pastries, crepes, and other edibles. Just another Vision & Cognition lab-meeting, right? …Well, partially true. In February of 2003, lab members and friends went on an outing to the weekly all-you-can-eat Chocolate Buffet at Le Meridien Hotel (now called the Langham Hotel) in Boston. Despite (because of?) some overstuffed stomachs, a good time was had by all. We even met up with a Food Network camera crew who were filming a special about chocolate, that was due to first air in June 2003. Don’t worry, the chocolate-covered children got lots of T.V. coverage!

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